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5 Tips To Get Offered The Job

August 21, 2022

The nanny market is extremely competitive right now and we want you to get the best job offer possible. At Pacific Elite Nannies, we strive to work only with the best! Here are 5 tips to getting hired!

1. Compose a compelling cover letter.
2. Detailed Resume
3. Letters of Recommendation, education/training
4. Interview Ready
5. Make your Social Media profiles professional/private.

See 👇 for more detailed information!

1. Compose a compelling cover letter.
When we represent you as an agency, our job is to make sure we have all the detailed information about you and your experience. A cover letter is a selling point to our clients! We always ask our nannies to write one for their profile and to include 3-4 paragraphs or at-least a full page. If you’re not sure what to include in a cover letter, we have listed some sample ideas below:
A) Experience - Highlight your skills and education/training as well
B) What you are looking for in a Nanny Family
C) Why you would be a good fit
D) End with a closing/call to action

2. Detailed Resume
Redefine your resume. Your resume should only include your previous jobs that are related to childcare. We understand that most nanny positions have the same duties and expectations but it is important to try to differentiate each position. Think of your daily routine with the family and list your duties and what you offered the families. Again, a resume is also a selling point so it must be as detailed as possible.

3. Letters of Recommendation/Education/Training certificates
If you want to stand out as a nanny, provide a few LOR from previous nanny families as well as any certificates from childcare related trainings. A family likes to see they are hiring a career nanny as most of them are looking for long-term fits. This proves to the family that you are serious and prepared.

4. Interview ready
A) Be on time and professional.
B) Greet and offer to wash hands when walking into the house.
C) Make eye contact and be friendly.
D) Think outside of the box if needed. Do not answer a question with “I don’t know”. If you can’t find a solution, think of other ways you may be able to answer the question.
E) Be prepared to ask a few questions to the family. It shows you are interested.
F) If meeting the children, get on the floor and play with them! Ask them a few questions to get to know them as well.

5. Make your Social Media profiles professional and/or private.
It is 2022 and everyone is all over the internet! While it can be fun and games, it is important to remain professional on the internet.

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