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What is a Nanny Share and How Does it Work?

August 1, 2022

A Nanny Share is when two families come together and hire one nanny. There are many ways to go about this but the most common is switching from one Families house to the other, every other week, working the same, if not similar hours for both families. The nanny is paid by both families a higher rate for caring for two families but the families are each paying the nanny lower than they would if she wasn't doing a nanny share. Some important questions you should take into consideration is if your family and the other family have similar needs, views on childcare, etc. It is a great situation and tends to work out on all sides if communication is 100 percent on point. A nanny share can be the perfect solution for working parents who want an inexpensive alternative to daycare with a personalized approach. 

Listed below are 4 tips for navigating a successful nanny share:

  1. The Right Fit -
    There are 3 parties involved. The Nanny, Family A and Family B. The first step is for both families to come to an agreement with their needs, expectations and childcare philosophies. It is extremely important for both families to be on the same page and interview nannies together. Caring for two families at once is not without challenges and isn’t the right fit for all nannies. Likewise, it is extremely important for the nanny to have an understanding that no two families will share the exact same parenting style. Nannies need to make sure they find that both families have similar views on discipline, screentime, diets, etc. Most of the time, parents find that it works best when both family’s children are the same ages. Once you agree on the nanny share, it is important to discuss where the nanny will care for the children. Some families like to alternate homes weekly, some prefer one home the entire time.
  2. Employment Agreement-
    An employment agreement between Family A, Family B and the nanny should be put in place before the nanny begins work. It is a resource to be referred to throughout the relationship to keep the arrangement on track. An employment agreement should include the nanny’s schedule, pay, PTO, hours each family agrees to pay, taxes (Both families are required by the IRS to be the employers with tax responsibilities), policies for sick days, holidays, and termination. The agreement should also include a thorough job description and list of duties. 
  3. Cost -
    As we all know, hiring a nanny is a luxury. Not everyone can afford a nanny and not everyone wants to send their child to a daycare center. Did you know there is something in-between called a “Nanny Share”? A nanny share is a childcare arrangement where two families split the cost of one nanny. A common misunderstanding is that families would split the average cost of the nanny. However, if hiring a nanny for a nanny share, she is paid more overall, given the additional stress and responsibilities of having more than one employer. A typical nanny share would cost 2/3s of the nannie’s original hourly rate. Let’s say she would typically make $25/hour for 1 child. Each family would pay 2/3s of what she would typically make. Therefore, the nanny would make $16.70 per family, which brings her hourly rate to $33.40 total. 

Communication –
Believe it or not, while it can be a win-win situation for families and nannies alike, there can be a few stresses added on to nanny shares due to multiple parties involved. If you want to have a successful relationship, we highly suggest you set some time aside on a weekly, every other week, monthly or quarterly basis to discuss how things are going, if any changes need to be made, etc. Nannies shall be paid for this time. Communication is key to having a successful relationship.

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