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How Does Pacific Elite Nannies Find Qualified And Loving Nannies?

Many of our nannies come from multiple different sources. Because the owner (Kady) has been a nanny for 17 years, she has connections in all areas of the nanny world. We have an incredible network of amazing nannies in our database. We also work through referral, direct applicants, recruitment at local colleges and the internet.


  • Detailed interview.
  • Speak to four references.
  • Nannies complete a 7 page detailed written application.
  • Nannies submit a “Letter to the family”.
  • Verify past employment.
  • Verify CPR and First-Aid Certification
  • Verify Trustline certification (background check) which is required by the State of California.

It could take 2-4 weeks to find a quality nanny for you. We do the best we can to provide one sooner but because of our extensive interview process, it may take a little time.

What Is The Screening Process For The Nannies?

We take pride in having one of the most personal and time valued screening processes. The nannies you will meet through our agency will have gone through a thorough and extensive interview process which includes:

What Is The Salary Range For A Nanny?

Nannies can make typically anywhere from $20-35ph, depending on experience, qualifications, number of children and duties. Hourly rates are typically negotiated between the Nanny and the Family. We will provide advice and guidance if needed.
According to the IRS, any nanny that works in the home of a family is an employee. Parent employers are legally liable to withhold Federal Income Tax, State Income Tax, Social Security, and Medicare taxes from the nanny’s wages. The parent employers must pay additional taxes: the other half of Social Security, Federal, Unemployment, and State Unemployment. If you register with one of the two listed below, we will waive your registration fee ($100 value). You can get more information from these companies below:

Do I Have To Pay Taxes?

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